Hexagon Hi Energy Structured Water System; Active Water Shower Filter Basin Filter Singapore

Keosan FIR Pure Water System; Hexagon 8 Stage Pi Water Purifier Singapore

Quality Products at Affordable Prices

Acorn Asia Services, a forward-looking business based in Singapore, aims to provide our customers quality water purifier and water filter products at affordable prices.

We have affordable and low-maintenance Hexagon Hi Energy Structured Water System and Hexagon 8 Stage Pi Water Purifier for your home and office to produce safe soft drinking water that is pleasant and energising to drink.

We also have compact shower filters and basin filters to remove chlorine, rust and unpleasant odours and turn your daily showers into a super-hydrating spa experience.

To enhance the benefits for our customers, we make sure our merchandise are sourced from suppliers and manufacturers who are dedicated to constantly and actively improving their products. Indeed, a number of their products have won international recognition and awards for their far-reaching innovation and usage efficacy.

When it comes to our business, we offer our valued customers a powerful resource and a recipe for great health.

With Acorn Asia Services, you can be sure of receiving excellent value-for-money products and services that meet your changing needs.

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