Hexagon Active Water Basin Filter

If you are already filtering the water that you drink, you may also want to consider purifying the water that you use to bathe, wash and rinse your mouth, face and body - because studies have shown that chlorine in water is absorbed into the body through the skin and through inhalation.

Exposure to Chlorine Through the Skin and Inhalation
A University of Pittsburgh professor of water chemistry states: "Exposure to vaporised chemicals in the water supplies through showering, bathing and inhalation is 100 times greater than through drinking."

- The Nader Report "Troubled Water on Tap"
Centre for Study of Responsive Law

Hexagon Active Water Shower Filter

Gives you Total Protection from Chlorine so you can enjoy better health and beauty

Removes over 90% of hazardous chlorine, heavy metals and other contaminants.
Eliminates unpleasant odour from your water.
Super-hydration to help alleviate common skin conditions; reduces skin dryness, flakiness and rashes.
Rejuvenates and moisturises your skin.
Improves lather and suds - hence you need less soap.

Hexagon Active Water Basin Filter Shower Filter Features:
Efficiently removes chlorine, rust and other contaminants
Latest EC8888 FIR Energy Beads from Japan
Filters up to 25,000 litres of water
Easy to install 
Multiple adaptors to fit most types of basin faucets
Also suitable for the kitchen
Handles both hot/cold water
Can be backwashed & re-used
Simple filter replacement
Flow rate: 6 litres/minute
Heat tolerance: 80 degrees Celsius

Replacement Part

Hexagon Active Water Basin Filter

Filter Cartridge

Hexagon Active Water Basin Filter
Replace cartridge every 12 months (based on 2 showers/day)

Hexagon Active Water Basin Filter

Hexagon Active Water Basin Filter works in the following remarkable ways:


Hexagon Active Water Shower Filter

1 Calcium Sulphite (CaSO3) NSF Standard 61
  Absorbs and converts chlorine into a harmless substance. Performs well for over 25,000 litres (cold and hot). *Regular carbon filters last for only 10,000~15,000 litres and works well only on cold water.

2 KDF (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion) NSF Standard 61
  Effectively removes chlorine, rust, heavy metals and bacterial contaminants.

3 EC8888 FIR Energy Beads from Japan
  Energises and transforms water into micro-clusters to give healthy living water that cleanses and hydrates better.

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