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Hexagon Hi-Energy Structured Water System ** Sale Offer S$ 688.00**
Hexagon Hi-Energy replacement cartridge #1 S$ 69.00
Hexagon Hi-Energy replacement cartridge #2 S$ 69.00
Hexagon Hi-Energy replacement cartridge #4 S$ 69.00
Hexagon Hi-Energy replacement cartridge #5 S$ 69.00
8-Stage Pi-Water Purifier S$ 299.00
8-Stage Pi-Water replacement cartridge S$ 159.00
Keosan FIR replacement carbon block S$ 49.00
Keosan FIR replacement micro-sponge S$ 15.00
Hexagon Active Water Shower Filter S$ 89.00
Hexagon Shower Filter replacement cartridge S$ 69.00
Hexagon Active Water Basin Filter S$ 99.00
Hexagon Basin Filter replacement cartridge S$ 69.00
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