Water Purifiers and Filters Cash Discount
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 Hexagon Hi-Energy
 Structured Water System
Usual Price  SGD $880.00 SGD $925.00
Promotion  SGD $688.00 SGD $725.00
  - Replacement Cartridge
    (any cartridge 1, 2, 4 or 5)
SGD $69.00 SGD $79.00
 8-Stage Pi-Water Purifier SGD $299.00 SGD $315.00
  - Replacement Cartridge SGD $159.00 SGD $169.00
 Keosan FIR Pure Water System Replacement parts only
  - Replacement Carbon Block SGD $49.00 SGD $59.00
  - Replacement Micro-sponge SGD $15.00 SGD $25.00
 Hexagon Active Water Shower Filter SGD $89.00 SGD $99.00
  - Replacement Cartridge SGD $69.00 SGD $79.00
 Hexagon Active Water Basin Filter SGD $99.00 SGD $109.00
  - Replacement Cartridge SGD $69.00 SGD $79.00

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  • Shipping charge is subject to your order quantity, shipment mode and delivery destination.
  • FREE delivery in Singapore for order above SGD $100.00. Otherwise, a discounted delivery charge of SGD $5.00 per delivery applies.
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