Healthy Living Water is the Secret to a Long Healthy Life

Secret to Long Healthy Life

In the early 1900’s, Austrian naturalist and scientist Victor Schauberger coined the term “living water” after he discovered that natural hexagonal, snowflake-like water clusters are found in healing waters around the world, and that this geometrical structure is what gives the water its healing properties.

Some of the most famous healing springs are the Lourdes, Vichy, Evian and Perrier in France; Fiuggi and San Pellegrino in Italy; Passugger Heilguellen in Switzerland; and Agua da Prata in Brazil. Their remarkable effects on heart, liver and kidney ailments, skin diseases, asthma, digestive disorders, arthritis and many other illnesses are medically documented.

In pristine places called “longevity villages”;, people live to the age of 100 and beyond in remarkably good health. A Soviet study on one of these villages determined that the one factor responsible for this remarkable health and longevity was the healthy living water they drink which naturally has life-giving properties and forms small hexagonal crystals.

If you want all the things that water can offer –  a trim healthy body, radiant skin, lots of energy, and a long life – you need to drink healthy living water that is:

Clean and pure
Full of energy
Infused with oxygen
Rich with nutrients
pH-balanced to match your body fluids
Molecularly structured in small hexagonal clusters