Best Sources of Drinking Water include Carbon Filtration

Best Sources of Drinking Water include Carbon Filtration

Best Water Sources include carbon filtration

The list of best water sources in order of preference:

  • “Spring water” from glass bottles. In the USA, as long as the bottle label says “Spring Water”, it must by U.S. law come from a real spring and cannot be filtered tap water. Water should be regularly tested by the bottler. Call the bottler for more information. Spring water is ideal because you avoid the toxic substances (chlorine, fluoride compounds, THMs, etc) and get the natural minerals in the water.
  • Water filtered with a combination of carbon filtration and reverse osmosis filtration. Remember to change carbon filters as instructed by vendor.
  • Water filtered with a solid carbon filter.

Avoid Drinking Chlorinated Water

It is helpful to avoid drinking chlorinated water on a regular basis. Reasons being:

  • It can be difficult to build a healthy environment of beneficial bacteria in the colon while drinking chlorinated water. Especially so for those individuals taking pro-biotics.
  • By drinking chlorinated water, it is likely that you are also ingesting significant levels of Trihalomethanes (THMs), which are chemical compounds that are suspected of increasing cancer rates and may adversely affect other bodily systems.

Avoid Drinking Fluoridated Water

It is also helpful to avoid drinking water medicated with fluoride compounds. Water with fluoride compounds added often has a much higher lead content. In addition, the fluoride builds up in the tissues, organs, and bones. Fluoride causes slow damage to the bones, inhibits key enzymes, contributes to arthritic-like symptoms, and has recently been shown to be neurotoxic (lowering children’s IQ).

Recent research has shown that fluoride in drinking water, cooking water, and pre-made beverages do not prevent tooth decay (only topical applications of fluoride does this to an extremely small extent). Like other slow poisons, fluoride is avoided by people who are serious about healing or preventing illnesses.

Junk foods and infant foods with deboned chicken and non-organic fruit juices such as grape juice can contain dangerously high levels of fluoride and should be avoided.